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Whenever you buy one of our products, you will receive our pocket guide for free (7 CHF)!

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  1. Starter Kit Edelweiss

    Our recommendation: Starter kit for 90 CHF, 20 CHF shipment for thermometer and Complete Symptothermal Guide included and 1 hour consultation

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  2. The pocket guide

    sympto pocket guide : if your order 10 or more a special price will be arranged for you.

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  3. Cyclotest Lady thermometer
    Cyclotest Lady: Digital thermometer. Especially conceived for the symptothermal Method. German quality product. High precision, measures the waking temperature in only 30 seconds. Display with two positions after the dot. Flexible probe: the last temperature taken is stocked. With beautiful box and practical cycle charts.
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  4. Mooncup: reusable menstrual cup

    Product with our partner: For you and our planet

    - Clean, no leakage and does not cause dryness
    - Is intended to be emptied, rinsed and reinserted every 4 - 8 hours, more convenient than tampons
    - Ideal for travelling, swimming and all exercise, no bulky spaces to carry
    - Latex-free and excellent for woman with sensitive skin and allergies
    - Only one mooncup is needed and it will last for years: less costs than the average woman spends in six months on disposable sanitary products
    - One woman uses 10 000 tampons and pads in her lifetime: mooncup is the most ecofriendly hygenic device you can imagine.

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  5. Ceinture de soutien

    Produit à obtenir directement chez notre partenaire NINE SEASONS - Boutique online spécialisé pour la Grossesse et Allaitement, en cliquant sur ce produit

    La ceinture Physiomat n’immobilise pas mais augmente au contraire l’amplitude dynamique et la résistance.
    Elle est ainsi indiquée autant en cas de fragilisation abdomino- périnéale que pour les pratiques sportives et les efforts de portage.

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