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Sympto Basics (English)

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This 34-page primer (PDF) was specifically written with the first-time user in mind. Learn about the Golden Rules of the symptothermal method and take advantage of practical tips for temperature recording and elixir classification. Start your sympto experience with confidence!

Sympto Basics (English)

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7,00 CHF


This is the must-have for all beginners! This primer introduces you to the major concepts covered in detail in The Complete Symptothermal Guide (120 pages), the exhaustive manual for symptothermal charting.


The four Golden Rules of the method laid out in this primer will also be valuable to the symptothermal user looking to refresh or check their knowledge base. This educational tool allows newcomers to the method to assimilate the theoretical foundation of the symptothermal method. In the second part you will find practical tips for improving your observation skills.


No matter if you want to learn how to chart on the sympto app or on paper without any technology: this primer will teach you the rules of the modern symptothermal method!



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